This certainly spiced up the morning meeting. Here's "Crappy News" for Thursday, March 15th.

Germantown, MD- A police officer has been arrested for stealing from Walmart.


25-year-old Jose Barahona had an off-duty job as a security guard at the store. Police say a loss prevention officer told them last month that a co-worker had been suspected of stealing from the store.

The employee said Barahona had stolen several items including instant oatmeal and two boxes of condoms. Barahona was suspended and has been charged with several offenses, including theft less than $100. [NBC 4 - Washington]

Let's focus on the positives. At least he's using protection...

Paoli, IN- A white supremacist leader has been arrested after having an affair with his MOTHER-IN-LAW.

There's a headline I didn't think I'd ever read in my life.

26-year-old Matthew Heimbach and his father-in-law, David Parrott, helped build the Neo-Nazi group known as the Traditionalist Worker Party.

Matthew Heinbach (Photo: Getty Images)

During this work, Heimbach apparently developed affections for his mother-in-law, Jessica Parrott, culminating in a months-long affair. The affair ended when Mrs. Parrott revealed details of the relationship to Heimbach's wife.

So the wife and the in-laws set up a sting to catch Matthew in the act. David Parrott watched them have sex in Matthew's trailer, busted in to confront him, and they got into a brawl involving chair throwing, choking, and Matthew attacking his WIFE.

Matthew was eventually arrested for battery, intimidation, strangulation, and domestic battery. In the aftermath of the arrest and the affair, the Traditionalist Worker Party may be through. Parrott himself called the ordeal a "white trash circus." [Think Progress]

Remind me again why they consider themselves "superior?"

Guangzhou, China- This was a very entertaining day at the office.


A manager for China's Southern Power Grid had a video conference call last week.  And afterwards, he forgot to turn off his video feed. So employees from five different provinces watched as a female co-worker came into the conference room...and they started HAVING SEX right there on the table.

Two employees allegedly leaked the footage on Saturday, but it was quickly removed from social media by Chinese censors. The manager claims the video was doctored, and is threatening to file defamation charges against the employees. [The Mirror]

Finally...something interesting happened on a conference call.

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