Things definitely got heated. This is "Crappy News" for Friday, June 8.

West Palm Beach, FL- A criminal's parting words came back to haunt him two years later.

26-year-old Andrew Williams entered a liquor store back in 2016. He tried to purchase a bottle of Hennessy cognac but didn't have his I.D. with him.

Dave Kotinsky/Getty Images

So he threatened the cashier, and yelled, "remember my face, you punk a** b****" before storming out. Williams came back to the store later that night and shot the clerk in the arm.

Police never found Williams because store cameras didn't get a view of his face. Cops received an anonymous tip late last month linking Williams to the crime. Officers confirmed they had the right guy, because Williams was issued a driver's license on the day of the shooting and he was wearing the same sweater in the surveillance footage from the liquor store. Oh...and that clerk DID remember his face.

Williams now faces charges of attempted first-degree murder, armed burglary and aggravated assault. [Local 10]

Corpus Christi, TX- A man was bitten by a snake...after he cut off its head.


Jennifer Sutcliffe says her husband was doing yard work Memorial Day weekend when he encountered a four-foot rattlesnake.

He quickly took his shovel and decapitated the snake. Moments later, when Sutcliffe went to dispose the snake, he was bitten by the severed head. The fangs released a life-threatening amount of venom.

Sutcliffe began having seizures and experiencing internal bleeding and blurred vision. Sutcliffe was rushed to the ER, where he received 26 DOSES of antivenom. He's in stable condition at the hospital. [KIII-TV]

Holly, MI- A man is headed to prison following a fiery argument.


55-year-old David Garnett, Jr. was arguing with his wife back in February, and things definitely got intense...or heated, in this case.

Garnett allegedly doused his wife with gasoline and set her on fire. She managed to jump out a window and escape to a neighbor’s house. Rebecca Garnett suffered second-and third-degree burns and checked herself into a mental health center as a result of the attack.

Mr. Garnett appeared to show remorse and regret and acknowledged that things got "out of hand." He was convicted on charges of arson and attempted murder and could serve up to 50 years in prison. [Oakland Press]

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