Most criminals do a terrible job of covering their tracks. This guy was ACTUALLY doing pretty well until his mom ruined it...from the grave. Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, April 16th.

London, England- Cops raided a rave at an abandoned Toys 'R Us.

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Five people were arrested after officers shut down the party late last month.

Police tweeted that they'd closed down a, quote, "unlicensed music event" and seized a sound system at the scene. The department also tweeted a photo of a vandalized Toys 'R Us sign. [Billboard]

Maybe they were just trying to raise money for Geoffrey the Giraffe? He's gonna be out of a gig soon.

Newnan, GA- A video game collector wound up with more than he paid for.

Lewis Wright - Thinkstock

Julian Turner has a collection of vintage '80s and '90s video games, and he posts videos of his finds on YouTube. Turner went to a flea market earlier this month and purchased two retro NES (that's the ORIGINAL Nintendo for those not in the know) cartridges, Golf and Rollergames.

Turner noticed the cartridges felt heavier than normal, so he unscrewed them, opened them up and found four shiny bags. Curious, he opened those and realized DRUGS were inside. Turner called police, who confiscated the stash.

It will be difficult to trace the origin of the drugs or find who put them inside the games.[UPI]

That gives new meaning to the term "high score."

Oklahoma City, OK- A fugitive was finally caught...because of his dead mother.


58-year-old Stephen Michael Paris escaped from prison back in 1981 after serving less than two years of a nine-year drug sentence. He'd been on the run for 37 YEARS, until last Thursday.

Paris' mother passed away earlier this year, and her obituary mentioned a son named Stephen Michael Chavez who lived in Houston, Texas.

U.S. Marshals connected the dots that it was likely the same guy, so they traveled to Houston to find him. Paris was arrested without incident, and fingerprints confirmed his identity. [KFOR-TV]

Not exactly what you hope your parents leave you with when they die...

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