Here in Iowa we're pretty much feeding the US, and frankly, other parts of the world too. We have pork, crops and pretty great craft beer options all tucked away in our lovely little land-locked Midwestern state. So what is an item people say they DO NOT want to come from our great state? WINE.

There have been plenty of studies that have found people think fancy, expensive wines taste better than cheap wines. Well here's another little twist: People also think wines made in foreign countries taste better than wines made in, say, the Cedar Valley. (Boo!)

A new study done in the UK tested wines in two different ways. Some people tasted them blind, while some people knew where the wines were from: South Africa, Germany, Spain, Argentina... or Iowa or Wisconsin.

And here's the kicker, the blind tasters liked the wines from Iowa and Wisconsin more.  The people who knew the wines they were drinking were from the Midwest liked them less and liked the imported wines more. Snobs. If you want your dinner guests to enjoy one of the many fine wines from Iowa, blindfold them.