Fall in Iowa... It's often beautiful. Like most Midwesterners, we grow tired of heat and sweating just walking to our cars. So we generally get pretty pumped about fall. I already told you how much we LOVE pumpkin spice here in Iowa, so there's another indicator. But wouldn't you know, fall can also be DEADLY!

We're three weeks into fall, and apparently it's a miracle we're even here to talk about it - here's FIVE ways this season can kill us:

1.  Sun glare. As the days get shorter, the sun is more likely to be right in your eyes during peak commute times in the fall. As you're heading down 218 later today, make sure you account for the extra glare.

2.  Wet leaves on the ground. They get slippery and cause a lot of falls, and even some car crashes. Plus, they can hide hazards on the road, like potholes.

3.  Deer. No one deals with more deer than this neck of the woods. Over 1.5 million Americans hit deer with their cars each year, and almost half of those collisions happen in October, November, and December. YIKES.

4.  Fireplaces. They're involved in about 23,000 house fires every year, and most of those fires happen in the fall. The Cedar Valley is loaded with homes that have fireplaces. Get your inspected!

5.  Burning candles. There's always an uptick in candle-related fires starting in October.  The bedroom, living room, and bathroom are the top three danger zones. Nearly a fifth of fatalities involve someone falling asleep with a candle burning. Get more info on that from the NFPA website.