I love donuts. I love Halloween. But I don't love clowns.

Hurts Donut Co. in Coralville is one of my favorite spots. They're open 24 hours a day, because there's NEVER a bad time for a donut. Not only that, they boast an amazing variety of fun flavors and specialty donuts. And evidently, a twisted sense of humor.

Just in time for Halloween, Hurts--at their customers' requests--will be deploying scary clowns to make deliveries of a dozen donuts.

Hey, if my worst nightmare is going to come true, you better bring treats.

But...there's a catch. According to their Facebook page, Hurts Dounts will only be delivering within Iowa City and Coralville October 22nd and 23rd, and the clowns won't visit hospitals, mental health facilities, day cares, schools, government buildings, police and fire stations, or college classrooms.

This would scare the sprinkles out of me! Know anyone needing a special delivery? Call 319-383-6000 to set one up.