Yes...this is VERY Christ-like. Here's "Crappy News" for Tuesday, February 26th, 2019.

North Palm Beach, FL- A man was arrested for stealing a rare coin collection.


40-year-old Shane Mele confessed to stealing the coins from his friend, Michael Johnson back in December. Johnson had inherited the collection from his late father, and including 33 presidential coins worth about $1,000 each.

In a twist of fate, Mele attempted to pawn some of the coins and received a few thousand dollars. The rest may have been deposited into CoinStar machines at local grocery stores. So...instead of their ACTUAL value...Mele would receive face value for the coins, a whopping $29.30.

Mele was arrested earlier this month for grand theft of more than $100,000, along with a string of drug charges. [Palm Beach Post]

Van Buren, AR- A teen called 911...on himself.


Police received a call Thursday night about underage drinking.

Officers arrived at the home and an 18-year-old male walked out with his hands up. Apparently, HE had called the cops to tell them that he'd been drinking--and wanted to go to jail.

Officers told him to go inside and sober up, but he refused and INSISTED on being taken to finally, they obliged and arrested him for public intoxication. The kid's blood alcohol content was .112, nearly one-and-a-half times the legal limit.

Police opted not to release the teen's name because they "don’t want to cause him too much trouble." [ABC News]

This is pretty solid proof he can't handle his booze yet.

Des Moines- A pastor has been released from jail after being involved in a high-speed chase with his daughter.


Police received a report of a car chase Friday morning. Authorities say Rev. Michael Cameron, Sr. was following his daughter's car when gunshots rang out.

A family member who recorded the incident said that Cameron was trying to stop his daughter from getting into a fight and attempted to pick her up.

Police believe that Cameron pulled the trigger and shot at his daughter's vehicle. Cameron had two young children in his car at the time of the incident.

"There are certain professions that we expect a higher standard of behavior out of...there's just expectations that you're not going to do silly things like this,"

Cameron was charged with child endangerment, domestic abuse, and intimidation with a deadly weapon. He denies firing the gun. [KCCI]

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