Cops showed up to bust a party, and someone was VERY unhappy about it. This is 'Crappy News' for Tuesday, 11/21/17.

Vancouver, Canada- A man took "distracted driving" to completely new levels.


A patrol car pulled the man over after the officer noticed he was wearing headphones while driving. Police found a smartphone and tablet computer fastened to the steering wheel, so the owner could use them more easily while he was driving.

Officers posted a photo of the driver's setup on social media.

The man removed the devices on his steering wheel. The officer decided that TELLING him it was wrong was punishment enough and chose to NOT fine him for distracted driving. However, the culprit did receive an C$81 ($62 U.S.) ticket for being unable to produce his driver's license. []

This just proves how nice Canadians are. No way an American cop would be that lenient.

North Little Rock, AR- A woman was arrested after a food fight...with her mom.

Karin Lau

20-year-old Keyarrier Randall was drinking at her mother's house Saturday night when the two started arguing. At some point during the fight, Randall picked up a pot of hot cheese dip and threw it at her mom. A witness said Randall then grabbed her mother by the throat and punched her.

Randall told police that she had gone to her mother's house for a birthday celebration and that the two were fighting over Randall's birthday money. She was officially charged with domestic battery. [Arkansas Democrat-Gazette]

What a waste of perfectly good queso. Shameful.

York, ME- Cops were called to break up a party twice, but under very different circumstances.


Police responded to an underage drinking party after someone accidentally pocket-dialed 911. Cops broke up the party and left. But, officers received an ACTUAL 911 call from the same house about an hour later.

36-year-old Joseph Coreau had pulled a gun on the kid that had butt-dialed police earlier. Cops evacuated the house and a SWAT team busted in to find Coreau hiding in the attic. Police say Coreau was agitated after learning that police had been accidentally called. He was arrested for criminal threatening with a dangerous weapon. [Portland Press Herald]

He was mad that the cops came? Seriously...what's THAT dude hiding?

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