Los Angeles is best known for being the home of Hollywood stars, movie sets and transformations. But the latest transformation will probably look a little more familiar to all of us: the state of Iowa in the midst of a presidential campaign.

The cast and crew of the hit HBO show 'Veep' have decided to use the San Fernando Valley to film episodes of the final season of the cable series. Its main character, Selina Meyer (played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus) is making a bid for the presidency. But as we know, all roads to the White House start here in Iowa. Usually in Des Moines at the Iowa State Fair to be more specific.

So why not just come to the Hawkeye State to film? Simple. Wrong time of the year for one, but the main reason is cost. Why move the whole crew here when you can make parts of Southern California look like Iowa? Well, for one thing our taxes are lower and Botox is far less abundant. Maybe I'm just biased.