Some people don't trust the cops. This guy trusted them a little TOO much. Here's "Crappy News" for Monday, June 18th...

Overland Park, KS- Parents could be on the hook for a very large bill.

Surveillance video shows a 5-year-old boy reaching for a sculpture in the lobby of a community center when it toppled over.


A few days later, the family received a $132,000 claim from the city’s insurance company, saying that the piece had been damaged beyond repair. The insurance claim letter stated that the parents' failure to monitor their son could be considered negligent.

City officials say the sculpture was not permanently attached but it was secured to the pedestal with clips and that it was "not an interactive piece."

The boy's mother, Sarah Goodman, argued the sculpture should have been better secured and disputes the city’s claim that her child was unsupervised. [ABC News]

Westville, FL- A local man was testy. About his testes.

Sophie Bengtsson

Police received a call last Sunday about a belligerent man screaming at his neighbors and telling them he was going to kill them with a gun. The 32-year-old man told police his testicles were hurting, possibly because he'd gotten parasites from swimming in a creek. That's as good an excuse as any.

He wanted to call someone for help, but he'd smashed his own phone in a rage...and was mad at his neighbors because no one was letting him borrow one. [Northwest Florida Daily News ]

It's hard to judge a man for how he acts when he's got excruciating JUNK PAIN.

Gainesville, FL- This might have been the easiest drug bust these cops have ever made.

Getty Images

49-year-old Douglas Kelly called police on Tuesday concerned that he'd been played by his meth dealer. Kelly had a bad reaction to some drugs he'd smoked and wanted the cops to test them for quality.

Kelly subsequently drove to the police station and provided officers with a piece of aluminum foil that contained a "clear, crystal-like substance."

The cops did test it . . . and it WAS meth. So he could have avoided the whole thing if he wasn't such a paranoid idiot. Kelly was charged with felony narcotics possession. [The Smoking Gun]

Some people have a hard time trusting police. He definitely trusted them too much.

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