This guy went a long way to dodge those annoying bag fees. Here's 'Crappy News' for Friday, January 19th.

Woodbridge, VA- A carjacking was prevented due to hot chocolate.

Lilyana Vynogradova - Thinkstock

Police say a 50-year-old woman exited a 7-Eleven convenience store on Saturday night when one armed suspect and an accomplice approached her and demanded her vehicle.

According to police, the woman struck one man with her bag before her 22-year-old daughter threw her hot cocoa toward both suspects, who then fled on foot.

Nobody was injured and no property was stolen. [Yahoo News]

Sometimes you've gotta do what you've gotta do, even if it means parting with a tasty beverage.

Essex, NJ- A police officer turned into a snake charmer.


Trooper Steven Vallejo received a call last Friday morning to recover a python found inside a toll booth collection basket. State police shared photos of Vallejo removing the snake and sliding it into the back of his patrol car.

A maintenance worker had found the python in a broken aquarium on the side of the road and placed the reptile in the basket.

Police transferred the snake to an exotic pet specialist who provided a home for it. [UPI]

They probably aren't doing a lot of "snake handling" training at the academy.

Iceland- A man was banned from boarding a plane...because he was wearing too many clothes.


Ryan Williams was flying home to London last week but staff wouldn't let him board because of an oversized bag. Williams didn't want to pay the $65 checked bag he emptied his suitcase, put on 10 shirts and eight pairs of pants and tried to get on the plane again.

Gate agents again refused to let him on the flight and Williams posted videos on Twitter asking staff why he wasn't allowed to board. The airline arranged a flight home for him the next day, but the pilot heard about the incident from the day before and wouldn't let Williams on THAT plane, either.

He did eventually fly home. On a THIRD airline. [Evening Standard]

All I keep thinking of is this Friends episode.

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