If you've ever considered going vegan...this may be what it takes to convince you. Here's "Crappy News" for Thursday, June 14th.

Oklahoma City, OK- A waitress got caught skimming credit cards...on her first day.


Police were called to a Twin Peaks restaurant last Thursday. If you're unaware, Twin Peaks follows the "big-breasted women wearing skimpy clothes" business model. The restaurant manager reported an employee stealing while on the job.

34-year-old Rachael Tyler was caught with a card skimmer in her pocket. Security video showed Tyler scanning several cards in a computer terminal to pay the customer's bill and then swiped the card down towards her pocket before returning the card to the unsuspecting customer.

Tyler was arrested on one felony count of unlawful use of a computer. [KFOR-TV]

She was clearly hired for her looks, not her brains.

Winsted, MN- A girl was rescued after getting her head caught in a tailpipe of a truck.


The 19-year-old was attending the Winstock Music Festival when she got the bright idea to stick her head in the exhaust pipe of a stranger's truck--it was clearly a modified, aftermarket, "compensating for something" accessory, but no matter (you can check out the video HERE).

It's not entirely clear what happened, though police say alcohol was likely a contributing factor. She was cited for underage drinking and police escorted from the grounds. [KARE-TV]

She was trapped for about 45 minutes. It could've been quicker, but her cries for help were MUFFLED.

The Internet- A man claims he served his friends tacos...made from his severed leg.


The self-cannibal told his story in a Reddit AMA thread. The (wisely) anonymous man claims to have suffered a debilitating foot injury two years ago. He elected to have the lower portion of his leg amputated...and asked his doctors to KEEP IT.

Apparently, he and his friends had joked about eating human flesh if it was in an ethical and healthy way, and the opportunity presented itself.

As for how he tasted, he said he'd give himself a "solid 6.5 ... way better than a hot dog or regular burger ... but nowhere near as good as butter seared sea scallops." Waste not, want not, I guess?? [UNILAD]

Oh...and if you totally want to ruin your day--and your appetite--you can check out the GRAPHIC pictures here.

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