Officials are once again asking for the public's help in the search for a missing autistic teenager from La Porte City, but in a different way than earlier this week.

The FBI has set up a case-management web page where people can submit photographs or videos for authorities to review. According to Black Hawk County Sheriff Tony Thompson, investigators want to look at images that were taken in and around La Porte City at ANYTIME on Saturday, April 7, 2018, the day that 16-year-old Jake Wilson went missing.

"Anyone who was in La Porte City -- and I mean anyone -- on the 7th ... we're asking them to login and upload their video or upload their photos to that website," Thompson said.

The FBI website to download the images is:

The sheriff noted that a class reunion and bike ride were both held in La Porte City on Saturday. He said the photos and videos could help investigators find Wilson.

"It's going to help us catch that much more data, that much more information," Thompson said. "Not that we're absent of any data that we're currently swimming in, but it's more information that we can continue to process because, again, 'if he's not here, then where (is he)?'"

Friday marked the sixth day of the search. Wilson disappeared around 8:45 PM Saturday, when he went for a walk near his home and didn't return.

Photo By: Elwin Huffman - Townsquare Media

During a four-day period this week, more than 2,100 volunteers joined in a massive effort to find Wilson. They searched about 255 square-miles of land in and around La Porte City. On Thursday, investigators told the volunteers to stay home as the focus of the investigation changed from a large-scale land search to specific, pin-pointed areas of Wolf Creek and the Cedar River using professionals.

"We have people who are walking arm-in-arm, feeling around and finding the low spots," La Porte City Police Chief Chris Brecher said at a Friday morning press briefing. "We have a team that is still out working on log jams."

During the press briefing, a dive team from Waverly could be seen cutting and removing dead logs from the creek just a few feet from the La Porte City Fire Station.

"It's frustrating not to have answers at this point, but it's part of the process." Thompson said. "We still have the right people (investigators) in the right spots and we're ever-growing, ever-increasing and ever-expanding our reach in hopes that we do get that one piece of information that causes us to go, 'Ha-Ha'. We don't have that yet, but we're working on it."