This bro shouldn't have asked for the extra toppings. Here is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, October 11th.

Springfield, MA- A woman was busted for robbery...after pretty much leading police right to her.


29-year-old Lily Bodenlos and an accomplice broke into an elderly woman's house this summer, stealing $8,000 in cash, several bottles of prescription pills and a key to the woman's safe deposit box. What Bodenlos forgot to take from the house...was her résumé.

Detectives found a folder with Bodenlos' work history, phone number and email address in the first-floor bathroom. She's been booked on seven felony charges, including armed robbery and kidnapping. []

I really hope she listed "attention to detail" as one of her special skills.

Tokyo, Japan- An airport's flights were delayed this week because of a dog.

Ryan McVay

A large poodle was being loaded onto a Japan Airlines flight Monday morning when it escaped and ran across the tarmac.

One of the airport's four runways had to be closed twice for a total of six minutes. The poodle was captured about 40 minutes later, but not before 14 flights had been affected. Airport officials are reviewing the incident to see if loading procedures need to be changed. [UPI]

That should be a pretty quick review...YOU HAD A DOG RUNNING LOOSE ON THE TARMAC.

Pittsburgh, PA- A man went to drastic measures to avoid paying his bill.

40-year-old Barry Clapperton was at a Primanti Bros. sandwich shop earlier this week. If you don't know, Primanti Bros. is a well-know deli in Pittsburgh that serves HUGE sandwiches with French Fries on them.


Clapperton ordered double meat on his sandwich but didn't have the cash to pay for it. So instead of doing something normal (like ordering something he could afford), he called in a bomb threat, hoping the block would be evacuated. He MIGHT have pulled it off, except that people inside the store saw and heard him make the call.

Clapperton has been charged with threats to use weapons of mass destruction, false identification to police, terroristic threats and public drunkenness.  [WPXI - TV]

Being drunk would certainly explain his food order...and probably the poor judgment.

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