These people are the worst of the worst. This is "Crappy News" for Tuesday, May 8th.

Omaha, NE- A woman's runny nose was a much bigger problem than she thought.


Kendra Jackson suffered head and facial injuries in a car accident five years ago. As a result, she'd been experiencing chronic headaches, a lack of sleep and a constant runny nose.

Doctors had originally suspected Jackson's nose issue was simply due to allergies, but she knew something else was wrong. A specialist eventually diagnosed her with a cerebrospinal fluid leak. In other words...brain fluid was leaking through her nose--approximately a HALF-PINT per day.

Jackson underwent surgery to fix a tiny hole between her skull and nostrils. She's expected to make a full recovery. [ABC 7 - Omaha]

Think of the thousands of dollars she'll save on tissues...

Atlanta, GA- A group of college students gathered at a memorial service...for a Taco Bell.

Getty Images

I'm glad these kids are focusing on the REALLY important issues.

Young scholars from Georgia Tech came together to mourn the closure of the restaurant inside the school's student center. Someone recorded video of the service--of course they did, it's 2018--which included a student playing taps on a bugle outside the Taco Bell's former location in the food court.

It's unsure why the Taco Bell was shut down. Maybe if it was open at 3:00 a.m. it could've stayed in business. [UPI]

Port Byron, NY- A couple got busted for running a cancer scam.

35-year-old Martin LaFrance & 35-year-old Jolene LaFrance fraudulently collected more than $3,300 in donations using a GoFundMe page, claiming their 9-year-old son, CJ, was battling lymphoma.

In addition to receiving money, CJ was invited to attend a Syracuse University football practice, where he met with the head coach and played catch with members of the team.

After investigating the couple for several months, police concluded that CJ had never been diagnosed with cancer or any other serious medical condition.

CJ's parents were charged with scheme to defraud and endangering the welfare of a child. GoFundMe is also paying back the money to each donor. [ESPN /]

This makes me so mad! Imagine all the families that ACTUALLY need something like this, and these people just spat in their faces. For what? To play catch with a college football team? They should lose custody of their kid.

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