I wouldn't want to sit them in an exit row. This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, January 31st.

Siem Reap, Cambodia- 90 tourists were arrested for lewd behavior at a temple site.

Ian Walton/Getty Images

Authorities say the foreigners were participating in a pub crawl near the famed Angkor Wat--the largest religious monument in the world--when police arrived and found them "dancing pornographically."

Police posted photos on their website showing young adults simulating various sexual positions at a party. Officals say the group was arrested for engaging in activities against Cambodian culture.

All but 10 of the foreigners were released. They could face as much as one year in prison. [USA Today]

Ephrata, PA- A burglar accidentally called 911 on himself.


Police responded to the 911 call Tuesday morning and found the glass door of a building smashed open. Officers also found 28-year-old Brandon Waver nude and wandering the halls. Police described Waver as "naked and clearly under the influence of a controlled substance."

Waver was arrested for burglary. It's not clear why Waver was inside or what he was attempting to steal, but he inadvertently dialed 911 from an office phone as he ransacked the building. [Penn Live]

Maybe he was trying to call someone to bring him clothes? You never know...

Minneapolis, MN- A couple's trip to Vegas ended in handcuffs.


43-year-old Teresa Kohn and 41-year-old Tyler Boehm were each charged with gross lewdness after getting a little too close during their flight.

Kohn told police that her head was underneath a blanket...which just so happened to be on Boehm's lap. Probably doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out what was going on there. The couple also joked about joining the "Mile High Club."

One passenger said she noticed Boehm leaning back in his seat to zip up his pants. A different passenger claimed that Kohn was drinking from a travel bottle of Fireball whiskey on the flight and the couple was "making out, and she was touching him all over." [Post Bulletin]

But were the tray tables locked and the seat backs in the full upright positions?

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