I'm honestly surprised it took this long for someone from my hometown to make the list. This is 'Crappy News' for Wednesday, August 23rd...

Winnipeg, Canada- A man has finally been arrested after robbing the same place three times in about 24 hours.


45-year-old Darryl Joseph Desjarlais first robbed a gas station at knifepoint around 1:30 p.m. Friday. Desjarlais then returned at 12:30 p.m. the following day, again carrying a knife. He then went to a nearby drugstore about four hours later but took no money. Desjarlais then came back to the gas station a third time but left--again--without any money.

Police say Desjarlais came back dressed slightly differently every time he came to the gas station, but claimed the clerks were able to recognize him by the fourth incident. He was arrested on four counts of robbery and carrying a concealed weapon. [CNews]

Osceola County, FL- A drunk driver had some slight difficulties parking his car.

Sergey Kolesnikov

25-year-old Tony Futch was out drinking last Thursday night...and he apparently had WAY more than he could handle. Futch drove himself home, but the gate of his apartment complex was closed. So he drove THROUGH it. If that wasn't enough, Futch drove his SUV in circles around the parking lot, repeatedly bumping into and damaging other vehicles.

Finally, after crashing into SEVENTEEN cars, Futch parked sideways and got out. When police showed up Futch was belligerent and combative, so cops had to subdue him with pepper spray. Futch was eventually arrested for drunk driving and resisting arrest. [Sun-Sentinel]

I'm sure his insurance company LOVES him right now...

Hampton, IL- A man has been arrested after stealing a fire engine.

Townsquare Media

The fire department was inside a building conducting inspections when the truck was stolen Tuesday afternoon. A witness later called 911 reporting that the truck had been spotted off the side of a road near the bank of the Mississippi River.

The culprit, Nathan Stottler, tried to evade police by jumping into the river, and had to be pulled out of the water by police boats. Officers are still investigating. [KWQC-TV]

Is it bad when you see a story from your hometown and automatically start thinking "do I know that guy?" I don't...but I kind of wish I did.

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