You certainly have to admire the guy's creativity. Here's 'Crappy News' for Friday, September 15th...

Tipton County, IN- A man has been accused of damaging a railroad crossing.


22-year-old Kyle Johnson was driving a tractor trailer and stopped to wait for a train last Thursday morning. Johnson told police that once the train passed the railroad crossing arm did not rise back to its original position, so he removed the bolts and threw the railroad arm into a ditch.

Johnson now faces a felony charge for "railroad mischief." [WRTV - Indianapolis]

That's a type of road rage I've honestly never seen before.

Cleveland, OH- We have another finalist for "Mom of the Year."


20-year-old Courtney Taylor faces child endangerment charges after her daughter was found with cocaine in her system.

Court records show that Taylor was alone watching her daughter on August 28. The next day the 3-year-old's father took her to the hospital. Medical staff discovered the drugs in the girl's system and her father called police.

Taylor reportedly caused a scene when she arrived at the hospital and had to be restrained. Child Services is now investigating the case. []

I'm guessing it will be a pretty short investigation...

Westwood, MA- A man posed as a job applicant to try to avoid the cops.


26-year-old Jose Jimenez sped off during a traffic stop last Thursday. He was able to get away, but police found him on Tuesday. Jimenez ditched his car during the pursuit and went inside a cell phone store. Jimenez spoke to several employees and asked if the store was hiring.

Employees later heard police helicopters outside and watched as multiple officers entered the store. Police saw Jimenez filling out a job application when they arrested him. [WBZ-TV]

This was either a creative strategy to try to hide during a police chase . . . or a TERRIBLE strategy to get a job.

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