Fuller House

Who Is Iowa's Favorite TV Dad?
From Homer Simpson to Danny Tanner, Fred Sanford to Tim "The Tool Man" Taylor, hundreds of TV dads have made us laugh, made us think, and made us cry. But which one is Iowa's favorite?
Netflix Is Testing a Reward System for Binge-Watching
Just like every addiction, Netflix is seeking to make theirs fun for kids. User reports have revealed that the streaming service has begun testing “patches” on certain youth-oriented programming, with an aim to introduce “collectible items for a more interactive experience. …
'Fuller House' Might Actually Bring Back Steve Urkel
Netflix’s Fuller House may never bring Michelle back to the fold, but another ‘90s TV icon could be waiting in the wings. A curious reference from the Season 3 finale brings Family Matters’ Steve Urkel back into play, and producers have actually discussed bringing the famed char…

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