I am all for having a great time during New Year’s Eve, but sometimes I just don’t want to deal with drunken idiots and crowds so I love having parties with a few friends and watching the ball drop on TV. If this sounds like something you are interested in rather than going out, well let me tell you it saves you a lot of money and frustration and in the end, you may even have a better time staying in than going out! However, in order to have a great party, there are a few things in my opinion that are a must.

Here is my guide to a great New Year’s Eve party at home!

  1. Food!- No one will stay at a party for very long if there are no snacks involved so if you want people to stay make sure to have all the snacks… if you don’t want them to stay, then you are doing well by not having any food!
  2. Board/Card Games- Make sure to have something to do! I suggest board games or card games because they are really fun to interact with others, especially if you are competitive and if you may be drinking it can get even more interesting!
  3. Music or TV performances- I love watching all the different performances during the party and it is a fun way to dance weirdly with your friends and not be judged by it because they are just as weird as you!

These are my top 3 things for a successful New Year’s Eve party at home! The best part about it is the amount of money saved that is spent on alcohol and food and you don’t have to actually dress up!

Happy New Year!