Something that's been racking my brain ever since yesterday's morning show on K98.5 is the begging question. When is it the right time to define the relationship when dating? Tiffany Kay posed the question to me, and in typical guy fashion, I answered stating that it would take me a couple of months to get to know someone before deciding to make it exclusive. It's safe to say, that answer didn't suffice.

I'm changing my answer, but not in the way you want me to. It's become apparent to me that many of you believe that there should be a time limit, a foreseeable number of days before you and your partner actually decide to become "the one" for each other. The truth is, there should be no time limit. We don't owe it to the other person to  make a decision right away. Dating is 100% feel, meaning that a decision should only be made when you FEEL it's the right thing to do.

Stop trying to force a situation because you feel compelled to. Nothing is worse than wasting someone else's time, as well as your own. So relax, continue to take things day-to-day and most importantly, have fun!

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