I wouldn't recommend this approach to get into wedding shape. Here's "Crappy News" for Thursday, 10/25/18.

Kansas City, MO- Cops are converging to collect a colon.


150-pound, 10-foot tall inflatable replica of the human colon was was on display last week during an event sponsored by the University of Kansas Cancer Center. One of the center's employees left the deflated model in the back of a pickup...and someone STOLE IT.

Even though the replica is valued at about $4,000, I'm not exactly sure who would WANT this, and the Cancer Center is hoping the thief returns the colon once the culprit realizes what it is.

Police are trying to track down the suspect. [Kansas City Star]

Oak Park, MI- The city is preparing for its annual "Boo Bash" this week.


Families are invited to enjoy cider and donuts, collect candy down their "trick or treat street," and wear their favorite costumes...that is...except for one. The invitation says "clown costumes are not allowed."

The city's recreation director says the decision primarily had small children in mind.

"In the past few years many clown costumes have been given a very scary and evil look ... Many people have phobias and anxiety about clowns. It’s because of this that we asked people not to dress up as clowns for this community event.” [ComicBook.com]

So, you can dress up as a zombie, a vampire, or even the Devil...but not Pennywise? Clowns creep me out, but this seems odd.

Australia- This bride had an--interesting--plan to slim down for her wedding.

A woman named Penny wanted to insure she looked hotter--and thinner--than her two bridesmaids...who also happened to be her sisters.

Getty Images/iStockphoto

She claims that she did what "any Bridezilla would do." Penny says that she demanded the bridesmaids' dresses by bright yellow to make her sisters looked washed out. But there's MUCH more.

In the month leading up to the wedding, Penny claimed she'd make them breakfast smoothies every day. But she was secretly putting a triple serving of WEIGHT GAIN POWDER in her sisters' drinks in an effort to plump them up so she'd look skinnier next to them in the wedding pictures.

And her plan worked. Penny's sisters both gained enough weight that they had to have their dresses altered. [WHIMN]

Yeah...there's nothing wrong with this lady AT ALL. Her husband is walking into a buzzsaw of crazy.

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