Her plan quickly went up in smoke. Here's 'Crappy News' for Monday, November 27th.

Queens, NY- A man was arrested following a Thanksgiving brawl.


The 61-year-old man got into a fight with his girlfriend's brother Tuesday night after arguing about who'd be attending Thanksgiving dinner. During the argument the suspect allegedly grabbed a knife from the kitchen and stabbed the brother in the chest.

The brother sustained life-threatening injuries and police are still investigating. [NBC New York]

And you thought YOUR family drama was bad during the holidays...

Janesville, WI- A creepy clown had been accused of getting a little too handsy.

Two women complained that an employee dressed as a clown touched them inappropriately while they were walking through a haunted house last month.


The clown allegedly squeezed the breast of one woman and her friend. The victims told police they left feeling "violated and uncomfortable," and neither gave the clown "consent to grab her breast."

43-year-old Brandon Goral, who goes by the name "Shakes The Clown," told police he knows not to touch patrons unless given permission, and he was asked "multiple times by different females to grab their breasts for photos."

"Shakes" faces two counts of misdemeanor sexual assault. [The Smoking Gun]

Barrington, IL- A woman was busted for attempting to blow up her own car.


47-year-old Julie Gagne called police November 10th to report her SUV had been stolen. Police found the vehicle on fire about a mile away. During their investigation authorities realized that Gagne had torched her own car...using a flamethrower she'd purchased online.

Gagne turned herself in on Tuesday, and she was charged with arson, disorderly conduct, and filing a false police report. Cops are looking into the case as a possible insurance scam. [Arlington Cardinal]

Flamethrowers are LEGAL in 49 states. But if you can't use it to set a car on fire and then falsely report the car as stolen...what's the point of having one at all?

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