Perhaps she should've thought this through just a LITTLE bit more. Here's today's Crappy News for Tuesday, July 11.

Cleveland, OH- A woman's murder-for-hire scheme backfired in a big way.

45-year-old Uloma Curry-Walker was found guilty last week of having her husband, William Walker, killed back in 2013.


Prosecutors say Curry-Walker was deeply in debt and asked her 17-year-old daughter and the daughter's boyfriend to find someone to kill her husband so she could collect his $100,000 insurance policy.

The problem (other than wanting your husband dead) is that The Walkers had only been married for about four months, and he hadn't yet changed his insurance info. William's ex-wife was still listed as the beneficiary, so the NEW Mrs. Walker literally received nothing.

She was convicted of aggravated murder and could serve life in prison without parole. [The Journal Times]

Colonial Heights, VA- Firefighters had to rescue a girl trapped inside a couch...


Two 12-year-old girls were playing hide-and-seek on Wednesday when one of them crawled inside a sleeper sofa. The other girl wasn't strong enough to pull her out of the pull-out couch so she alertly called 911. It only took medics a few minutes to get the girl out safely.

Firefighters stayed at the home until the girls' parents returned. [Fox 6 Now]

To be fair, that's a pretty clever hiding spot...she could've been there for WEEKS.

Clearwater, FL- An Instagram model assaulted a police officer while in the nude.


Cops were called to the Edge Hotel early Wednesday morning after staff complained that a woman was "causing a disturbance."

That woman was 25-year-old model Brissa Dominguez, who was naked when police arrived. An officer handed Dominguez a towel to cover herself, and she allegedly whipped it at his face. As police attempted to arrest her, Dominguez bit an officer and kicked and spat at another. She was charged with trespassing, resisting arrest, and battery of a police officer. [The Smoking Gun]

For what it's worth, Dominguez does have about 75,000 followers on Instagram. And judging by her photos, it's pretty easy to see why. #SmokeShow

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