Think twice before going to sleep with eye makeup on. This is "Crappy News" for Monday, June 4th.

Denver, CO- An FBI agent accidentally shot someone while trying to show off.


The off-duty agent was at a bar on Friday night, and he was tearing up the dance floor with some sweet moves. At one point, he even did a BACKFLIP. During the flip, video shows the agent's gun coming out of its holster.

The man accidentally fired the gun while retrieving it, and one of the bullets struck an onlooker in the leg.

The cops took the FBI agent to the station for questioning, and the district attorney is reviewing the case to figure out whether to file charges. [Denver Post]

This gives a whole new meaning to having "dangerous" moves.

Gwinnett County, GA- Dozens of students were involved in a cheating scandal.


Administrators at Dacula High School say at least 80 10th-grade students were caught cheating on their literary arts, chemistry and world history finals.

Officials say a photo of the test answers had allegedly been posted on social media and circulated throughout the school. They believe the original post came from outside of the school.

The students all received zeroes and must retake the exams. [Atlanta Journal-Constitution]

Since kids use social media so think they'd realize that EVERYONE can see what's there.

Sydney, Australia- A woman found out the hard way why you should ALWAYS take off your makeup.

50-year-old Theresa Lynch never washed off her mascara before she went to bed.  And she did that for 25 years...before she started having some serious pain in her eyes.

When she went to the doctor, they found that the mascara buildup had created a bunch of permanent BLACK LUMPS embedded in her eyelids. The mascara particles turned into calcified lumps which built up on top of each other and nearly caused irreparable damage to Lynch's eyes.

She underwent a 90-minute procedure to remove the lumps, but Lynch now has permanent scarring on both her eyelids and her corneas. [Daily Mail]

Eye doctors hope this case alerts people to risks of not washing off your eye makeup.

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